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How long does a knee replacement last?
"An overview of available clinical series studies suggest that at least 90% of total knee replacements (TKR) will be functional at 10 years, 80% at 15 years and 70% at 20 years.--some series have better results and others with less optimal results. Partial knee replacement surgery has a somewhat different course. Partial knee replacement is a technically demanding procedure and thus in many clinical series there is at times a significant early "learning curve" with suboptimal results for some surgeons. That is, technical issues early in the introduction of some partilal knee replacements may lead to higher earlier failure rates than with TKR. Once these early problems/failures are taken into account, the longer term success of modern partial knee replacements appear to be similar to TKR with the caveat that obviously the other areas of the joint can deteriorate (note these may also have the option of additional partial knee replacements)."

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